Afraid of bees and wasps

by Noah
(Georgia, USA)

For my whole life i have been afraid of bees and wasps. Still today whenever i hear the buzz i dash into my house and close my vents. Everybody has called me names, mostly my brother.

Even when my family goes on vaction in the summer I wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans. One time my mom said i needed to wash the car with my brother. I walked nervously to an old flower pot to get the hose and there were a hive of yellow jackets at the bottom. One of them decided to chase me i got inside and closed the door. I ran to tell my mom, I was only 9 so I thought my mom was my ultimate protector. She made me go back outside. I walked to the kitchen door where the yellow jacket was on the table. I ran away, but I think I starteld it so it stung me before I could get to my room.

I know that bees and wasps are helpful to the enviroment, but why do the have to build thre nest in places like a flower pot why not a place were food and pollen is near but away from humans.

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