Afraid fo Balloons

by Vicki

Ive been afraid of balloons since I was six years old.It all started with me becoming afraid of a pink punch ball that had,basically one day I saw it in the closet and for whatever reason Istarted crying hysterically,My mother ended up having to get rid of it.For years I figured someone had popped one in my face and thats why Iwas afraid.But after watching old home movies of family events,there was a birthday party I don't know who it was for but all the children were at the table and there were some balloons hanging from I think a light above the table and there I was about 3yrs old. Touching one of the balloons,after seeing that it made me think did a balloon I was near pop and scare me and years later remember that Iwas afraid but not know why.I'm now 47 and still don't like balloons,Ive learned to deal with it through out my life. I probably will never get over my fear, but Ifinally am not alone there are other people including a women I worked with a manager who is also afraid,and not knowing there was a name for the Phobia until I looked it up on the internet. All I can say is whether people understand fear of balloons or any Phobia for that matter they should at the least respect the fact that your afraid and not try to torment them,like I was especially through out my school years.

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