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Energy psychology and acupuncture phobia treatment have equal foundations. The one treats phobia with the help of needles while the other deals with your emotions straight away. Energy psychology is at times referred as emotional acupuncture.

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The basic information about acupuncture
Before going into details about acupuncture phobia treatment, it is important for you to trace the source or the origin of acupuncture – the Chinese needle treatment for ailments.

For this you have to go back 3,500 yeas ago when acupuncture was treated as a constituent of traditional Chinese medicine also known as TCM in short. TCM follows the theory of “Qi”. “Qi” is a very important force or energy whose responsibility is to exercise control over mind and body.

In a human body “Qi” flows through meridians (also known as channels or pathways). Your body has 20 meridians among which 12 are primary meridians and the rest are secondary meridians.

If there is disruption in the flow of “Qi” you may suffer from psychological absurdities like phobia, stress and depression. Once the balance of “Qi” is rectified, you are soon to return to your normal state of mind.

When talking about acupuncture phobia treatment you should know that all the meridians together comprise 2,000 acupuncture points.

Very thin metal needled are inserted into the skin at the particular acupuncture points and they are kept untouched at least for 15 to 30 minutes.

Acupuncture phobia treatment may take weeks or months to show positive results making the phobic individual feel utterly relaxed and comfortable.

Acupuncture – a blessing
Acupuncture treatment is required for the proper maintenance of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Acupuncture enhances your level of energy and makes you perform in life wit more vitality and vigor.

This particular form of needle treatment causes no pain. The first time you just experience a mild pricking sensation and after that, you get used to it with no pain and discomfort.

In fact, the insertion of needles makes you feel all the more relaxed and comfortable.

The entire working procedure of the techniques is not so apparent, but it has been known that application of needles create an increment in the production of endorphins, the other name for chemicals in the brain.

Thus, the improved chemical production makes you feel good and successfully helps in plummeting unnecessary fears, anxieties and stress.

Acupuncture phobia treatment can cost you a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

However, the cost of the treatment rests on two principal factors – the place where you have gone for the treatment and the amount of time you need to stay under the treatment.

Acupuncture phobia treatment is not covered by any insurance. Moreover, the treatment shows dramatic effects with considerable positive results.

Thus, it’s high time you treat your fear with acupuncture phobia treatment and rid yourself from unwarranted apprehensions.

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