by Cody

Basically, I am DEATHLY scared of heights. The thought of plummeting thousands of feet off of a high tower sends cold shivers up my spine. The worst expoerience with heights I've had is at a weekend trip to this place called PGL. (It was really fun, by the way)Guess what the first sport was? ABSEILING. I went very last, crouching the wooden bench we were waiting on(or UNDER). When It was my turn, I refused to go at fiorst, but they made me climb to the top. I went round to the back of the abseiling tower with a teacher, entered through a huge gap in the wooden tower and began to climb, slowly but surely, up and up the freezing steel staircase. Halfway up, I dared to look down and almost screamed out loud. My entire body quivered as I reached the steel platform. I was two stepsd away from reaching the top when I spotted the vew. It felt like I was at least a thousand metres up. I froze completely, my mouth gaping wide open. I couldnt speak or move. Eventusally, they had to PEEL my fingers off the railings and slowly walk me back downstais. I was even wearing a helmet at the time and I was still terrified. Can someone PLEASE help me in any way to get rid of my fear, because now I cant get a FOOT off the ground without my palms sweating and my heart racing.

Thanks :)

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