Acrophobia ( fear of heights )

by Peach

I dont know how this happened but yeah . I'm afraid of heights . If we are at the mall or high building,condos,buildings or something i always feel nervous when we are at the escalator im afraid to look down or up. It feels like your going to fall or something like that . so i always look straight i get very sweaty when i'm at a high place or somethin' high . When my cousins rode a ferris wheel they also forced me to join them since i have no choice,i joined them . Good thing my tito is with us . When we were at the top i tried not to look down and at the view but my cousins told me to look at the view so i forced myself to look at it even for a sec. Then they began to shake the chairs we were sitting in the ferris wheel or whatever you call that i then freaked out and started to cry and shout " let me get out of here " my tito then hugged me and said " it's ok " . So yeaaah . I don't know i just get very nervous and i always sweat when i'm in a high place like when im in escalator at a mall , at a high building .. So yeah :) that's it x

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