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The struggle is real
by: Anonymous

I didn't even realize it had a name? I get full on panic attacks. It's terrifying. You're not the only one, and I can relate to the teasing. People still mess with me about it, however once they realize the sheer terror/panic mode I go into, they back off. I've over many years have been able to overcome bits of it though. The really small baby guys I can handle, but anything larger than my fingernail, it's over. Just wanted you to know your not alone on this one.

Omg me too!
by: Melody

I'm so glad that someone else is like this. Whenever I hear the sound of those things, I run like mad. I have no clue why but looking at them makes me really scared. And if one even jumped on my leg I think I would faint, or scream like mad until it hops away

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