A Phobia of locusts

by Samuel

Locusts and grasshoppers have haunted my life. When I was just five, I was walking up the stairs when a massive brown locust jumped onto my face. I will never forget this moment. I was in absolute hysterics and as a young child, I developed a fear that would last a lifetime. Now, when I walk down a path, I am constantly on edge that a locust or a grasshopper is lurking in the shadows waiting to jump on me. I have never touched a grasshopper or a locust since that dreadful occurrence, but my life is very much consumed by my fear. I have tried to confront the horrid insect before, but each time I end up literally shaking in fear. I am not sure what it is about them, there horrible searching eyes, the colour, the spindly spiny legs, or their ugly abdomen, but I fear them all the same. I wish I knew the cure for my fear, but frankly I have no idea. I want to be able to face my ear, but it is so real now, I am desperate for help. To all locust and grasshopper fearers out there, hear my plea for help, how did you overcome it?

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