The Secrets Of Indian Head Massage Phobia Treatment

Indian head massage phobia treatment is a conventional cure that originated in India more than thousand years ago. The treatment can well balance both emotional and physiological spheres of life.

Jan Heering

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The essential benefit of Indian head massage is that it can be performed anywhere without any difficulty and encumbrance.

If you attend an Indian head massage phobia treatment workshop, you will definitely come to learn the several techniques involved in the procedure.

The prime aim of this phobia treatment is to provide encouragement to stimulation and enhancement of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, diffusion of toxic materials from tensed and knotted muscles and improvement in the movement of your joints.

When IHM or Indian Head Massage deals with your emotions there is improvement in your level of alertness and concentration and you feel extremely calm and relaxed.

The Indian head massage greatly relives conditions of scalp tension, mental tiredness, anxiety and stress. Apart from treating phobia, the Indian Head Massage also known as “Champi”, improves your hair quality and encourages the growth of dense and shiny locks.

Most of your tension is accumulated in the neck, head and shoulders which can be best relieved following appropriate massage procedures. Respite and relief are the two essential effects of “Champi” which strongly affects the higher three charkas of the seven – the spirit, body and mind.

The Benefits Of Indian head massage phobia treatment

  • An improvement in the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid

  • Restoration of the movement of your joints

  • An increment in the amount of oxygen and glucose supply to the brain

  • Rebalancing the vital flow of energy

  • Easing muscle tension and exciting the normal process of blood circulation

  • You tend to forget about the everyday stress in life

  • The massage is done without making use of any equipment

How is the massage done?
Some therapists of IHM start with the system at the scalp and the head and then gradually move down to the shoulders and upper back. Other therapists love to knead and probe the neck and the shoulder muscles before dealing with the scalp.

Squeezing, rubbing, gently tapping and prodding are some of the significant ways to carry on with this massage type. Brief tousling of the hair is done before it is properly combed and the pressure points in your body are gently pressed to produce results.

In Indian head massage phobia treatment the face is worked upon last to absolutely pull you out from unnecessary stress, tension and fear related anxiety.

If the steps of Indian head massage phobia treatment are rightly followed, it feels like you have gone through a full body massage. Rest yourself for at least twenty minutes after the massage is over.

There is no doubt that this massage system is excellent for those suffering from relentless conditions of phobia, but those suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis should definitely avoid it.

If you have any confusion, please consult your physician before starting on with the treatment.

In one word, Indian head massage phobia treatment is all about creating balance, harmony and clarity. It is a boon for those continuously suffering from phobic episodes in life.

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