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by: Anonymous

I have an orange phobia too and it is horrible. Everyone finds it funny and thinks I'm just being stupid and dramatic but if someone starts to peel an orange I feel sick, I get a head ache and I have to leave the room.
As for the religious phobias, just remember that God is love, you do not need to fear him as he loves you no matter what you do, pray to him to help you with your phobias.
I hope you can get over some phobias and I will pray for you xxx

You are going to be ok
by: Anonymous


All the things you mentioned can be feared by anyone. You probably grew up in an insecure enviroment with very little stability. We can grow up in a family where we percieve love but nevre true experience it. The Bible says "perfect love casts out fear." Know dont get hung up on this thinking it is ging to solve your fears. If your motive is to just get relief you will try anything and force something to happen. I know because I have been there. Would you try something for me? Go against everything that your mind is telling you, and read The New Testament of the Holy Bible. Humor me. Start with the book of Matthew, and just read 4-5 chapters a night. Dont worry they are not long. Please try this and let me know how you are doing. It was Jesus Christ that delivered me from the things I feared, and believe me they were irrational! Jesus Christ gave me a peace that I never thought was possible. Right now you are believing everything that your mind is telling you, and it is nothing but a giant lie to keep you in bondage. You can be free by the blood of Jesus Christ. Trust me on this. I have nothing to gain by telling you this, and quite frankly I am putting myslef out there.
God Bless,

fears, fears, and more fears
by: Anonymous

I believe the reason why no one believes you is because most people only have at least four phobias.
I suggest trying to see which ones are alike, that way would will narrow the list.
For instance, fear or spiders and fear of bees make that fear of insects.

Hope this helps.

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