16 years old and suffering from Athazagoraphobia.

by Sean
(Carlsbad California)

I don't quite recall how old I was when I first had Athazagoraphobia symptoms; nervous, clingy around parents and family. But as I got older the sypmtoms began to get a little more advanced, like for instance, when I was 15;I went on a family and friend trip to Disneyland and was accidentaly left in the futureland area of the park and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of I was forgotten and what would happen to me. After the whole incident of being forgotten, I thought nothing of the incident until just recently left in a grocery store parking lot and my dad left me, and he actualy drove home and left me a mile away. This triggered the memory of Disneyland and the whole feeling of despair, I felt helpless and scared in that parking lot. I'm still suffering from this incident.

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